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These students were recognized in their classes for their Dependability.


Rebecca Elam & Maximus Cruz (Not Pictured)                                            


Graham Grady
Jaycee Meador (Not Pictured)
Brentlee Lemond

1st Grade

1st Grade
Saige Hill
Cason Blackburn
Journey Biggars
Avery McNorton

2nd Grade

2nd Grade
Tensely Meador
Emily Case
Rayleigh Pace

3rd Grade

3rd Grade
Kenna Hachtel
Camden Archa
Keagan Flake

4th Grade

4th Grade
Wes Galloway
Elizabeth Uloth
John Wayne Sands

5th Grade
Coming Soon


Children learn best when they are in a learning environment that has been shaped by developmentally appropriate practices. In order to develop our students to their fullest, the vision for success is to not only to teach the basic academic skills, but also help our students understand what being a lifelong learner is and having success in their lives. Our children will have a great start to prepare them for this fast-changing and complex world with the wonderful staff we have at Alvord Elementary. Each year brings great excitement! I feel so blessed to work with such an incredible staff and each year we are challenged with making sure our students are provided an excellent quality of education with higher levels of critical thinking to be used to help them attain a goal of success and become vital parts of the Alvord community or parts of other communities.


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