Principal's Corner

Jamie L. Mitchell

Mrs. Jamie L. Mitchell
PH: 940-427-2881

Hello and welcome to the Principal's Corner. My name is Jamie L. Mitchell and I am very excited to be serving the community of Alvord, TX as the Principal of Alvord Elementary. I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and have been in Education for 21 years. I have been a classroom teacher, a dyslexia teacher, and I loved being in the classroom and teaching every student.  I decided to further my education and work toward my Master's of Education in Policy Studies and Leadership. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington and moved into an administrative position. I am currently starting my 22nd year in education with 13 of those years here at Alvord Elementary and no matter what I am doing this is a great place to be. As I step into this new role I know that a school principal must be loving, motivated, have high expectations, and be a good resource for the staff, parents, and students. I promise to be all of these things and even more to ensure that our school will continue to be successful! 

Little family background........My husband, Ryan, and I have two girls, Aubrey and Laney Mitchell.  My girls are graduates of Alvord ISD and are now attending A&M University where they are studying Public Health to become Doctors.  We live right outside of Alvord on 35 acres of hay property.  We're a very close-knit family and love spending time together. We are very blessed and have been foster parents for 6 years.  So if you see me with extra kiddos you will know why.  Our family loves unconditionally, we have high expectations in all we do, have well-rounded morals, and we feel the need to share and do what God has called us to do. To Love and Care for others in every way we know-how. 

I feel so blessed to work with such an incredible staff and each year we are challenged with making sure our students are provided an excellent quality of education with higher levels of critical thinking to be used to help them attain a goal of success and become vital parts of the Alvord community or parts of other communities.  With all of that being said we CAN NOT do that without a partnership with each of the guardians and/or parents working and communicating alongside us.  Each and every one of us that show up daily to teach and love on your children: 1. Love what we do 2. Care about every child we come in contact with daily 3. Have high expectations for them and want what is best 4. Want you to communicate with us so that we can work together to ensure success for everyone. 

My vision for Alvord Elementary:

As principal at Alvord Elementary School, it is my responsibility to help set a vision for the school. The success of the children falls on the staff here at Alvord Elementary and high expectations need to be evident. Children learn best when they are in a positive learning environment that has been shaped by developmentally appropriate practices. In order for all of us to develop our students to their fullest, the vision for success is not only to teach the basic academic skills but also to help our students understand what being a lifelong learner with responsibility is and having success in their daily lives. Our children will have a great start to prepare for this fast-changing and complex world with the wonderful staff we have at Alvord Elementary.  Communication is KEY to ensuring that this happens.  We must all work together to ensure the success of all the students.  I want everyone to understand that I am here, here to help in any way possible, to listen, my door is always open and I want to work along with all of my teachers, students, and parents to make sure everyone is successful. We will establish a culture of mutual respect with the understanding that you are your child's advocate and we are the professionals in this academic setting. 

“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won't mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever.... connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”.